Best 4×4 Wheels of 2020

Trying to come up with the best to buy 4×4 wheels Australia of 2020 in such a shortlist is a bit of a fool’s errand, but as you’ll notice, that’s not stopping us from giving it a go. The reason it’s so tough to pin down a one-size-fits-all wheel for 4×4s is that it always boils down to the environment. You want something that has a good handle of the earth, even when Mother nature and good ‘ol gravity refuse to cooperate. You also want wheels that sneer at the thought of snow. Here’s are the 4×4 wheels you should be thirsting for this 2020.


#1. Moto Metal MO970


Built for the brave. These are aluminium wheels, so you know 2 things. First is that they’ll be more expensive than random wheels. Second, they’ll last forever. These wheels have the latitude to function in a wide range of terrains without succumbing to small inconveniences like the weather. The MO970, in particular, come in 16 to 20″ diameters, and in black, machined black and gray finishes. They do have different offsets and widths, so look at your options first. You get a lifetime’s structural warranty with this and a 1-year finish warranty.


#2. XD Series 827


The XD series is made of some intense off-road racing wheels, but the manufacturers outdid themselves with the 827. The 1-piece cast used in constructing this wheel gives it the extra precision needed to win races. And they’re unapologetic about making it available to the general public in 17 to 22″ diameters. There’s some give in the types of offsets and corresponding widths though. Trust this to be lightweight and come with a lifetime structural warranty.


Of course, trying to cramp all the cool wheels into this list is a fool’s errand. So now we’re just going to list others worth checking out – Pro Comp Black Steel 97 Series, Fuel D567 Lethal, Mickey Thompson Sidebiter II.