Eco-Friendly Beach Towels

We can all agree that beach towels are some of the essential beach gear around. Why? First, they’re necessary for drying off after swimming or wading. Second, they’re perfect for covering up when caught in a sudden shower. And third, they’re a terrific way to showcase your sense of style, whether they match your bathing suit or just coordinate with your beach bag.

When it comes to towels, most beachgoers opt for cheap cotton terrycloth. However, many people don’t realize that using cotton towels can cause environmental damage. The cotton industry uses massive amounts of pesticides and insecticides that can harm both humans and wildlife.


If you’re looking to escape the daily grind, there’s no better place than the beach. Unfortunately, the beaches aren’t always the most eco-friendly places to hang out. That’s why we’re fans of Ettitude’s line of eco-conscious beach towels. Their towels are made from sustainable materials, like hemp and organic cotton, and they’re soft, too.

Being environmentally friendly is a trend these days, and it’s no different when it comes to beach towels. Eco-friendly beach towels are popping up everywhere, and recently, the towel brand Ettitude joined the movement. Ettitude is an environmentally conscious, socially conscious, design-forward, luxury lifestyle brand dedicated to creating eco-friendly, high-quality luxury towels if you’re not familiar with the company. The company started almost a decade ago, and the products available on its website span the categories of bath towels, hand towels, beach towels, and robes. Ettitude towels are made from 100 percent organic cotton and bamboo, and they’re also hypoallergenic, super soft, fast-drying, and absorbent.

Land and Sand Essentials

The beach towel is an essential item if you ever plan to soak up some rays and enjoy some swimming. But if you’re worried about damaging the environment, you’re left with the choice of buying an expensive one made from 100% recycled cotton or one made from cheap materials. Luckily, there is an alternative. Land and Sand Essentials sell eco-friendly beach towels made from natural materials, and they come at an affordable price. These towels are soft, absorbent, and durable, and they come in a variety of stylish colors and patterns. You can even customize them with your own name or slogan.

This range of eco friendly beach towels from Land and Sand Essentials is all hand crocheted and hand-dyed. All of the towels are made with natural fibers, bamboo and cotton being the most common.