How to pick fast internet for small businesses

How to pick fast internet for small businesses

Choosing the best internet business plan service provider for your small business can be challenging. When determining the best type of internet connectivity for your small business, first define your business requirement. Factors to consider when choosing the best internet for your small business include:

1. Number of internet users

The number of staff using the internet help determine how much bandwidth you need. Less bandwidth slows down the internet speed.


2. Online tasks carried out

What is the business using the internet for? If it is just for web browsing and sending emails, broadband can do the best for you. If your business is regularly downloading and uploading files, fiber optics and Ethernet solution is the best for you.


3. What type of internet connection available?

Internet technologies are advancing. Not all internet types may be available in your business location. Before making your decision, reach out to know the available internet services.

Fiber optics – it provides internet services using beams of light. It is the best option if you’re for a high-speed internet connection of up to 10Gbit/s. Fiber optics are expensive, but they provide high bandwidth. They are also not affected by weather conditions.

Cable – it is the most popular internet connection type. Users can share the available bandwidth, but they are slow at peak hours. Cable speed ranges from 50 to 100 Mbps.

DSL – it is the cheapest internet connection type. It uses traditional telephone lines to transfer data. Its data transfer speed range from 1 to 15 Mbps.

Fixed wireless – it is provided through radio signals. The speed can go up to 40 Mbps. It is the most insecure connection type. Hackers easily attack wireless networks compared to wired networks.


Fiber optics are the best for business with many internet users, working simultaneously. A fast internet overcomes slow connections during peak hours when all users are using the internet.