Long Term Accommodation in Brisbane

Travelers do not expect to spend a huge amount of money on their travel expenses. The main objective of any traveler is to travel to various destinations across the world, discover new places, and explore new attractions. This will, therefore, lead to a huge amount of money spend on accommodation in various hotels. It is, therefore, a great idea to book for long term accommodation in Brisbane. Capri by Fraser, Brisbane hotel is the right place to book your long term accommodation because they offer the most comfortable rooms with all amenities. Capri by Fraser hotel is a vibrant and stylish hotel residence designed by the award-winning Ministry of Design.


Benefits of Capri by Fraser Hotel Accommodation


1. Affordable and Comfortable


If you’re planning an affordable, comfortable, and reliable stay in Brisbane, Capri by Fraser hotel will satisfy your tastes and preferences.


2. Offers all Amenities


Capri by Fraser hotel provides full amenities to all its clients. This is more important because you won’t waste your fruitful time. The key reason behind this is that there is an in-house restaurant featuring nutritious and fresh menus. Below are key amenities offered by Capri by Fraser hotel.


– Air-conditioned rooms and lounge


Capri by Fraser will help you stay in a favorable place in the most spacious and comfortable bedrooms. This is fundamental because you’ll have enough rest which makes you have enough rest which in turn improves your overall health.


– Near a Beach


Capri by Fraser is located near a beach where you can refresh your mind. In addition, there is an indoor pool that you can utilize whenever you feel like swimming.


– Daily Housekeeping


Capri by Fraser accommodation provides regular housekeeping to enhance cleanliness and sanitation in the entire area.


– Valet Parking


There’s enough parking in Capri by Fraser hotel for all clients. Valet parking ensures that you will not worry about the safety of your car. This will, therefore, reduce the stress about car accidents.


In addition, Capri by Fraser hotel offers other main amenities such as airport shuttle, free WIFI, restaurant and lounge, breakfast is available, business center, fully equipped gym, sauna facilities, laundry services, well-equipped and modern kitchenette, CCTV surveillance, room service, and launderette.




Capri by Fraser hotel offers affordable and comfortable accommodations for a long term stay in Brisbane.