Portable Hand Tools with CrossFirePower

The portable power tools are of versatile use. They help the handymen in handling various tasks in less amount of time. These are usually portable hand tools with CrossFirePower and compact and thus, can be easily carried anywhere. With CrossFirePower, you’re guaranteed quality portable hand tools, such as:

Jig Saw

CrossFirePower offers a wide variety of jig saws and hand tools. CrossFirePower is a leading supplier of Jig Saws of every type, including Industrial Jigsaws, Cordless Jigsaws, Portable Jigsaws, Jigsaw Blades, and Jigsaw Accessories.

Cordless and Corded Drills

Cordless and corded drills are great tools to have around the home, but which is right for you? A cordless drill is great for everyday projects, especially where you don’t want to run wires, such as drilling into drywall. A corded drill is the industry standard for heavy-duty projects like drilling into concrete, which is why many homeowners buy them. They are also available at CrossFirePower. 

Circular Saw 

The circular saw is an indispensable tool for most carpenters but is also a great addition to any DIY enthusiast’s workshop. You can find various sizes, types, and brands of saws on the market, and at CrossFirePower, they have them all. They offer top-quality circular saws from top brands like Bosch, DeWalt, and Hitachi.

Powered Screwdrivers 

Powered screwdrivers are the most popular type of screwdrivers as they replace most of the traditional hand tools. Powered screwdrivers allow the user access to areas that would be difficult to reach with hand screwdrivers. Powered screwdrivers have motors that allow the screw to be screwed in faster and with less strain on the user. Are you looking for a powerful screwdriver? CrossFirePower.com has a variety of powerful screwdrivers, pliers, and sockets for a variety of uses. Whether you need a socket set to fix your bike or a powerful screwdriver for fixing a leaky faucet, they have what you need.