Top 5 best gifts for Tesla owners

Do you have Tesla owner or fan in your life? Maybe it is their birthday or any special occasion, maybe it is the holiday season; and you are looking for one of the best gifts for Tesla owners. Finding the perfect gift is not that hard. Here a brief list of gift ideas has been mentioned for you. So, without further ado:


1. Tesla Keychain and Keyring

The keychain is made with premium black leather that is equipped on to an aluminum frame. It also comes with a standard keyring. They are a stylish and thoughtful gift. You do not have to find out the model number to gift them this gift idea. If your loved one owns a Tesla phone charger that is equipped with Tesla Key Fob then a Tesla keychain with key chain fob cover will be a nice gift. There is ample space to carry your house keys on the keyring.


2. Tesla Desktop Supercharger

For any hardcore fan of Tesla, this Tesla inspired charger will be the best gift. It is also made for those who collects Tesla inspired accessories and memorabilia for their desk. The charger offers fast charging to both Androids and iPhones devices. It comes with a high-quality cable. The look of this charger is quite dynamic. Latest 3D printing technology has been used to decorate the device. It is a durable and meaningful gift for your loved one.


3. Tesla Mug

A simple and minimalistic gift idea for Tesla owners and aficionados is a mug with Tesla branding on it. This gift can be considered as a practical gift. Anyone who recently bought a Tesla or owns one for a long time now, will appreciate this gift idea. You can find many different designs online, choose the one which you feel suits your loved one the most.


4. Touch Screen Protector

The massive center console touchscreen is a trademark of Tesla vehicles. It is known as the central commanding screen with which you can control virtually every aspect of the car. They make riding and operating the vehicle more convenient. However, the downside is that it is prone to starches. Thus, a touch screen protector for the central commanding screen will be one of the best gift ideas for a Tesla owner. All you need to do is find out the model and shop accordingly for your loved one.


5. All-weather floor mats

If your loved one lives in an area where there is lots of rain or sown, then they must be worried sick over the inside floor of the vehicle. All-weather floor mats will be able to protect the flooring of a vehicle. An all-weather floor mat is made with such high-quality materials that can withstand water and snow. They do not look out of the place. They will protect the hard floor well. It will be an investment gift, one that a Tesla owner would love to get as a gift. You do have to find out the model number to order the right kind of Tesla all-weather floor mats.



There you have it, top 5 best gifts for Tesla owners. Now all that is left to do is find the one you think will best suit your loved one’s preference and needs.