West Brothers Perth Review

There are just 4 things fans of streetwear care about: availability of all the good stuff, quality of the product, on-time delivery, customer service. Any retail store that can sufficiently impress in these 4 things would have won the hearts and loyalty of customers for years to come. Let’s do a streetwear store West Brothers Perth review, and see how they hold up in each of these.


Availability of popular stuff


It’s good to support local retail stores, but only if they have all the good stuff. The thing about streetwear is that it changes. If a store isn’t fast enough to stock up on all the good stuff, it might be better throwing your money at the corporate big guys at Nike headquarters. West brothers have an impressive “one-stop-shop” for both local and international brands. They keep a streetwear inventory that’s relevant and up-to-date, both on their website and in their Perth store. If you can’t find it with them, then it isn’t anywhere else in the country (a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s close to the truth).


Product Quality


Ever had one of those “what I ordered vs. What I got?” That won’t happen with your purchases at West Brothers. All products are sourced directly from distributors of the main brands. You’re practically guaranteed you’ll be using your streetwear for years to come.




No one likes a tardy delivery. So it’s a good thing one user says they made an order with West brothers before going to bed and got a delivery the next morning. They’re that committed to excellence. Of course, your proximity to their store will affect the timeline of your delivery, but you can generally expect early or on-time delivery.


Customer Service


Aside from being super friendly, the staff at West Brothers know their stuff. If it’s out, they know about it. Doubt this, call them now.