What are the best bricklaying tools?

Are you going to start bricklaying work soon? Do you have this question, what are the best bricklaying tools? If yes then continue reading. In the following article, we are going to discuss some tools that are required for bricklaying work.

Trowel: If you are going to start laying the bricks, the first tool you would require is a trowel. It is important to buy good quality trowel as it will be used extensively.

Scutch Hammer: The next important tool required for bricklaying work is a masonry scutch hammer. You must buy this hammer and not work with regular hammers. This type of hammer is specially made for masonry work as it has a chisel on one side allowing you to split the bricks.

Plugging Chisel: You would need to use a plugging chisel if you want to remove mortar from brickwork. It is imperative that you buy a hardy chisel that would stay good for a long time.

Jointer: If you want to avoid future problems you should check if there is the right amount of mortar between the bricks. To check and finish the joints you would need to use a jointer. This tool is available in different sizes and shapes; make sure you buy the right one for your bricklaying work.

Measuring Ruler and Tape: An essential tool that is necessary for bricklaying work without which a mason’s toolbox is incomplete is a measuring tape. You should keep both a tape and a ruler for measurement purposes to ensure you are doing work the right way.

There are many other tools required if you are still wondering what are the best bricklaying tools. You should visit a hardware store near you and check out all the available options. Make sure you pick up all the tools that would be required to successfully complete the bricklaying work.