What Are Welded Columns?

Welded columns are structures made from steel in a wide range of sizes and designs to use in various types of construction projects. The structures of these columns are made from high-quality steel as per the requirements of the clients. AS/NZS 3679.2 is the minimum requirement of the welded columns used in Australia and New Zealand.

Use of welded columns


Welded columns are typically used in constructing residential buildings, non-residential buildings, engineering constructions, storage, and transportation industry, infrastructure for mining and manufacturing industry as well as for welding structural steel.

Features of welded columns


  • Welded columns are available in various sizes
  • AS/NZS 3679.2 is the minimum specification for welded columns
  • They improve the strength-to-weight ratio of the structure to make it stronger by nearly 20%
  • For welding these columns no special pre-heating is required
  • To know more about the availability of these columns made from structural steel you must contact the local companies manufacturing them.

Process of manufacturing welded columns


The companies manufacturing welded columns have to follow a set procedure like:

  • Cutting the steel to the required length
  • Drilling the steel plates
  • Cutting the plates by using oxy cutting method
  • Stitching the cut parts of the column
  • Slotting and coping
  • Penetrations of steel bars into the slots
  • Stamping the columns

Benefits of using welded columns


Welded columns are normally used in various types of construction projects mainly due to two reasons:

To provide additional strength to the structure

They increase the strength to weight ratio to make the entire structure of the building nearly 20% stronger.

To save a lot of time

Welded columns come pre-fabricated which save a lot of time. You can use them instantly instead of spending time fabricating them on the site.

So if you are searching for welded columns for your construction project then you must find a local manufacturer to meet your needs.